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Choose a Better Lifestyle

In order to benefit from a healthy lifestyle it is important to make small but effective changes in everyday life. Use the below stated tips to add a little more movement in your daily life which will leave you healthier and more active for many years to come. When brainstorming, make sure to walk around the block. During office luncheon meeting can be scheduled at cafes a distance away from the office and one can walk there to attend them. If you have a cordless phone or a mobile make sure to walk across the room when having longer conversations. Set a timer after every hour to notify you about a walk break. Even walking to the water fountain in the office or to the kitchen counter will be enough to stretch the legs and relax the nerves. If you are not motivated about working out alone call other friends or family members to take up hobbies or activities that involve physical exertion. This may include;

  1. Dancing
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Tai chi lessons etc.

When watching television, do not become a couch potato; instead make commercial time cardio times and do;

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Stretches
  3. A physical chore till the commercial break is over.

The importance of walking can never be emphasized enough. Park the car a block away from the office so you can walk that distance to and from the office. Even better, you should use that bike sitting in the garage to frequently ride to the office. Every now and then, get involved with your children when they are playing or grab that hula hoop as it is one of the most effective weight loss tools.

Some of the deadliest diseases like cancer can be fought effectively by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Women in particular should be vigilant of their lifestyles to prevent breast cancer which is growing at an alarming rate. It is important to introduce fresh vegetables and fruits into one's daily meals. These low fat foods have been known to curb the risk of cancer even in obese people who don't exercise. Fresh fruits and vegetables are said to contain polyphenols which are responsible for:

  1. Decreasing inflammation
  2. Insulin resistance
  3. Promoting proper hormone metabolism
  4. Liver detoxification
  5. Stimulating the immune system

Give your body a burst of energy and other good things by consuming green tea instead of black tea as green tea contains antioxidants which curb the risk of cancer and other numerous diseases. Even if you add milk to your tea, you are better off drinking green tea. Nutritionists recommend drinking up to four cups of green tea on a daily basis.

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