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This meal has to be one of my all time favourties. It is definitly a meal for those who love dairy. I will make a pot tonight for dinner and post up the picture. I have made this many times before and is perfect for that winter warmer. It can be made as a large dinner or in smaller serving pots for a more personal touch.

You will need;

potatoes, milk, broccoli, onions, chicken breast, cheese and to season you will need salt, pepper and parsley.

How to;

1. Chop the potatoes into small pieces roughly the size of a teaspoon head. Do the same to the chicken, onions and broccoli and mix the ingredients  in  a dish.

2. Once all mixed together, transfer into an oven proof dish, and season with salt and black cracked pepper.

3. pour 1 pint of milk into the mix and make sure all is covered, if not enough, top up with water. Place in oven until juices have reduced approx: 30 mins on 200 degree's

4. Whilst waiting for it to prepare, slice or grate cheese (enough to top your dish(s))

5.When out of the oven, top your dish(s) with your chosen cheese and pop back in the oven.

6. Your dairy bake is ready when the cheese has melted and turned golden brown.


Have you got a recipe you would like to share? Something that warms your inside's or makes your tummy grumble everytime you think of it. Post it! We'd love to hear what you like to eat! (no junk food please) - It will be removed.

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