Forum Thread: Whats your view on 2012? ......

What do you think is going to happen?

There are a few theories from conspiricy groups,



scientists and spiritualists..

Do you think the polar shift will happen over a matter of year? Or over a matter of 3 Mins as the Mayans predicted....

Whats your view on 2012? ......

So far the polar shift has been proved to be happening now!! Airports all over the world are having to close runways to change the angle of it, and the lights and paints. Governments officials claimed that this is bound to happen and is not uncommon, environmentalists disagree saying the amount they have moved is too much to be classes as common movement. So, Please, tell me what you think, and if your opinion/comment, is inspiring, entertaining, beautiful or specifically damning, i still want to hear it. You may make my cork board!

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I'm torn between the reality of nothing happening and what i want to happen, of the world ridding itself of evils and sinners and it becoming a natural site, heaven on earth, the garden of eden. It's a nice thought, but will it happen? i like to think so.

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