News: Two Notes to you all

Two Notes to you all


I want to ask everyone who reads this to please be patient with the progress of this website - soon it will be filled with goodies for you all to lay eyes on, but at the moment, I'm just piecing it all together for you :)

If anyone has anything they would like to see on this website, then please do let me know - I just love contributions, Show some love!


I would like to inform you, that i will now be participating in some yoga sessions. All of my own, of course, I'm currently looking up classes. They say it harmonise's the body and mind, relaxing, re-juvinating and boosts energy levels to a level of obvious effect. Like you may have already read, I am on my Journey to become a better person, in mind and in body. I will change myself day by day, little at a time, sticking with natures best, believing and having true faith in myself.

Now we can all admit it is a pretty difficult task to do, Some might say, "well, i have a job" "I don't have time"...

Let me tell you something! Two Vinyasa's can take half an hour, the smaller Vinyasa's can take 5 mins! Now anybody who says they don't have 5 mins to spare, on yourself, to indulge your mind and body syncronising yourself either in the morning or before bed, or even on a cheeky lunch break. There is no limit when it comes to you. Nothing you can't achieve within yourself.

Now, I'm ready to take my Journey, are you?

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