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News: Two Notes to you all

NOTE ONE: I want to ask everyone who reads this to please be patient with the progress of this website - soon it will be filled with goodies for you all to lay eyes on, but at the moment, I'm just piecing it all together for you :)

News: Wise words

“The energy of the cosmos is surrounding you. All that is needed is a certain emptiness in you. So the emptiness is good; don’t fill it by beliefs, don’t fill it again by another kind of god, another philosophy, some existentialism. Don’t fill it. Leave it clean and fresh, and go deeper. Soon you will find from both sides, from outside and inside, a tremendous rush of energy, a tremendous rush of consciousness. Then you disappear, you are almost flooded with the cosmos. You are so small and t...

News: Men and Yoga...??

My fiance, whom weight lifts and such, refuses to do Yoga. I don't know why, he says it's just not for him, even though i told him of the benefits of it whilst weight lifting - he still denied it.

News: Welcome!

Hello! and welcome to my first blog! I aim to help people with this website. On a day to day basis, i wake up feeling groggy, fat, ugly, overweight, underweight all sorts of things. I realised that alot of what my symptoms were to do with was not my being ill but was the way i twas treating my body.

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